What is an entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs are capable of identifying business opportunities, either by observing the environment, copying an idea that has already been created, or generating innovative/disruptive ideas that are different from what is currently in the market. In return, he can implement his idea or business by investing the necessary resources (usually time and money) to carry it out. 

 Main qualities of an entrepreneur: 

  • Creativity: this is a fundamental quality of any entrepreneur and necessary for any business. It is not only enough to identify an opportunity but also to turn it into an idea that can fit into the market accepted by the target or objective public. 
  • Perseverance: once the opportunity has been identified and ideas have been generated to be carried out, it can only be materialised by working with persistence. Perseverance in making those dreams or ideas come true will lead to visible results. Finally, as the saying goes: “you reap what you sow“. 
  • Initiative: this quality is intrinsic in an entrepreneur since if he does not have the ability to take the first steps in a project, any other quality would be worthless.
  • Accept challenges, take risks: this is without any doubt the most distinguished quality of an entrepreneur. It is the capacity to take on challenges that to a greater or lesser extent entails some prior risk. As attractive as the idea may be, until results are obtained, it is still a gamble. 

Example of an entrepreneurial success case

Recently, we can talk about a success case: ThePowerMBA, a startup in which a group of people with high entrepreneurial skills embarked on a totally disruptive project. And this is how they did it: 

  1. They identified the business opportunity: Business school accessible to all.
  2. They detected the need: People with a desire for training but with limited time or without the resources to obtain quality training. 
  3. They defined the idea: Online courses of 15 minutes a day per session at an affordable price. 
  4. They put the idea into action: Through an easy-to-use, intuitive platform and with an informal language to give a feeling of closeness. All that was needed was an internet connection. 

        The following video shows how this project was launched and some perceptions of other entrepreneurs who analyse this success case: 

        In conclusion, there are essential qualities that prevail in any type of entrepreneur, but each one has his own style and way of executing ideas. The way of seeing the same reality and the way of carrying out projects are multiple and dynamic. Therefore, there are always opportunities, and success lies in being able to anticipate and differentiate oneself from others.